Rules & Regulations

School Hours

Summer: 7:00 am to 12:40pm

Winter : 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Office Hours

8:00 am to 12:30pm

Parents and teachers meeting will be held on every 2nd Saturday from 9am to 11am

On Saturday

Track Suit, T-shirt and Shoes According To House, White Socks With Red Stripes

School Uniform

Summer Winter
Royal Blue Denim Short Pant/Skirt And T-Shirt (N/S-UKG) Royal Blue Printed Track-Suit (N/S-UKG)
Navy Blue Shorts/Skirt (I-III) Navy Blue Trouser & Striped Shirt (I-XII, Girls & Boys)
Navy Blue Trousers/Skirt (VI-VIII) Navy Blue Stockings For Girls
Striped Shirt (I-VIII) Royal Blue Jacket (I-III)
Navy Blue Trouser And Striped Shirts (XI-XII Girls & Boys) Navy Blue Coat (IV-VII)
Blue Socks With Red Stripe & Black Shoes For All Student


To Parents / Guardians,

  • School rules are made for students to realize that, in following them they learn to respect every human being.
  • Parents should study the school rules & regulations and help their children to follow them faithfully.
  • Parents/guardian can meet the teachers only at specified time.
  • Students are not allowed to use the cell phone in the school premises.
  • The School will not be responsible for any loss of personal items /goods. Students are advised not to bring any valuable, such as expensive watches, pens, jewellery, etc. to the school.
  • Students using the school bus will maintain discipline in the bus. They are advised not to take out any body part out of bus.
  • Students are expected to respect the property of others, this includes the school property as well. No student should damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on walls or in any way damage things belonging to other, Damage done even by accident should be reported and action deemed fit will be taken immediately by the authorities.
  • The students will not instigate the other co-student or juniors for any form of anti-school activity.
  • Students will not boycott the order, directions, and instructions given to them by the school authorities.
  • Students will not use any unfair means in examination.
  • Students who fail in two subjects will not be promoted to the next class.
  • The students will not do any act which will disturb the principle and norms of school discipline.
  • It is expected from students to speak in English In school campus.
  • Not more than 3 days leave can be sanctioned in a month, beyond three days student will be marked absent & fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged.
  • Leave on Medical ground can be sanctioned provided when the student submits a medical certificate for bed rest.
  • If a student remains absent from school for 7 days continuous or discontinuous in a month without any reason, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission will not be done normally, in special cases of readmission fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged.
  • Bringing Mobile Phones, scooters, Bike, Four Wheeler to school by a student is strictly prohibited. For any punishment there will be a negative marking, the negative points of a student along with the negative marking will be reflected in the report card.
  • A student found indulging in any of the following practices will be liable for disciplinary action :
    1. Writing anything on walls/furniture etc.
    2. Spiting in and around the school building.
    3. Smoking, any form of gambling, using drugs etc.
    4. Rowdyism or rude behavior, use of violence and vulgarity in any form, practice of casteism communalism or untouchability.
    5. Carrying mobiles phones to the school.
    6. Riding on two wheelers in school uniform.