About Us

Universal Convent School, run by the Universal Educational Welfare Society, is an upcoming school with an emphasis on all round development of the child. It is a co-educational residential school, recognized by the Central Government and affiliated to Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

Haldwani Unit of Universal School is running in two different campuses i.e., Primary wing ( Nursery to III) & senior wing (IV to XII) located at Jaidevpur, RTO Office Road. It is 5KM away from bus stand and free the maddening crowd and hustle-bustle life of the city. The serene and tranquil surroundings of the school not only inculcate enviroment friendly sentiments in the students but also offer an atmosphere for better concentration.

Mission Statement of The School

Universal Convent Sr. Sec. School providing quality education in an environment that ensemble the contemporary values of science and technology with our rich traditional ideals and cultural heritage. Developing an overall well integrated personality by ensuring an environment that facilitates creative self-expressions and development of leadership qualities to enable a child to become not only a good citizen and useful member of society but a winner in life in the year to follow: Propogate patriotic, social & ethical values for responsive citizenship. Education is the knowledge which enlightens a person towards his duties to God, Country & Self. It brings all round development, mental, physical, social and spiritual. The aim of education, either vocational, social or spiritual should culminate in the attainment of the fullest natural growth of a child leading to balanced, harmonious and productive life. Universal Convent Family accepts imparting education as a challenge and owns it as mission to reshape a raw child into a youth, ready to shoulder the onerous task assigned to him/her by the society of a nation aspiring to be a superpower, a youth whose brain is not crammed just with facts and figures already known, but who is able to produce his own thoughts and ideas, and make his/her own valuable contribution. Our goals is not to pass-out students who tread the beaten path and look towards others for directions, but the ones who have the courage, determination and will-power to experiment, discover and invent, something new that makes them conspicuous among the crowd. This may appear somewhat difficult on the face of it, but surmounting difficulties is what, we aim at. The aim of our institution is to improve teacher & taught interaction in classroom teaching. Develop moral values amongst the students in consideration to inculcate the cultural & traditional values. Our school gives special impetus to girls education & the children of socially & economically weaker sections of the society society. Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring & supporting environment to foster the self- esteem of each student by positive relationship with students & staff through active participation of parents, teachers & community in student`s learning.